Sarah EvansSarah is an English ex-pat who has been writing short stories and novels since leaving the world of journalism in the late eighties and taking up the ‘good life’ in rural WA to raise a brood, home-school and attempt self-sufficiency.

She is published in a plethora of genres, in many forms and in several countries, from her lifestyle/recipe book ‘Seasons and Seasonings in a Teapot’ to romance novels, crime, ghost and comedy short stories, and poetry. She also teaches creative writing to those foolish enough to stumble into her workshops. She especially enjoys writing rom-com-crime – who doesn’t love a little pash, spiced with black humour, with a thrilling, blood-curdling twist thrown in for good measure?

A long time member of Sisters in Crime, Sarah was second in the Scarlet Stiletto in 2005 with ‘The Bodyguard’. She won the Scarlet Stiletto’s inaugural ScriptWorks Great Film Idea with ‘The Chicky Babe Minder’ in 2009 and won the award again in 2010 with ‘Cold Comfort’, which also picked up the Pulp Fiction Award for the Funniest Crime Story. In 2011, she won funniest crime story again for ‘Cock-o-Hoop’. Her five-minute crime story ‘Grandma’s Roses’ was broadcast on ABC Regional Radio.

Her debut rom-com crime novel ‘Operation Paradise’ (Clan Destine Press) is due for release early 2013.


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